July – August 2011

The Importance of Being Earnest revels in the “double life”. In one sense, Wilde criticizes the moral hypocrisy of the elite. In another sense, he celebrates the inventiveness of creating an alter-ego who is free to revel in pleasure, outside of society’s mores. Both dualities are tested when thrust into the context of status, marriage, and love. A simple engagement proposal turns into a comedy of errors, and what was initially certain becomes deliciously muddled in this production’s topsy-turvy world of gender-bending. Moreover, SCENA’s version of Earnest transports Wilde’s frivolity to the 1920′s at fictitious “Oxbridge” university. — Theatre in DC


Press Reviews

“Just one look at [Lady Bracknell's] hands in grey, elbow length gloves convinced me that Costume Designer Alisa Mandel was a master.” — MD Theatre Guide




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