July 2013

The play is a Biblical story of Salomé, the stepdaughter of the tetrarch (King) Herod Antipas. One day, a mysterious prophet named Jokanaan (John the Baptist) descends upon King Herod’s palace. The prophet delivers foreboding predictions for the King, which cause him great distress. So, the King seeks relief in watching the captivating Princess Salomé dance. She agrees only when he swears to give her anything she wants. Ultimately, she desires the prophet’s head on a platter—as he is the only man unfazed by her beauty.

Press Reviews

“Alisa Mandel’s costumes stand out for their variety and textures (black and white make a far more interesting palette than you might think).” — MDTheatreGuide

“A tip of the hat to Alisa Mandel, creator of the amazing costumes.” —

“Magic Time: Oscar Wilde’s Salomé at Scena Theatre” —  DCMetroTheaterArts

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